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The element called Throughcare would possibly alternatively be represented as Aftercare (after launch). We should assume that Throughcare was most well-liked as a result of devising a useful mnemonic with three A's, a C and and R would have been inconceivable. There is an interesting lesson on this, aside from illustrating the elements of a rehabilitation course of, namely that a great acronym should be memorable and distinct in its abbreviated and full kind, and sadly CARAT is not, despite the very worthy aims and activities which underpin it.

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The acronym VIBE is nonetheless a very trendy acronym from and for the digital age - rather like cartoon illustrations have been used historically to assist text instructions or particulars, so video enables a wider sensory expertise. I first heard the time period VIBE utilized by Jackie Stewart in November 2007 when referring to his autobigraphy, Winning isn't Enough, which incorporates a 'VIBE' - a DVD - to augment the words on the pages. If anybody knows who coined the VIBE acronym initially pleasetell me.

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Free On Board/Fresh Off the Boat.FOB is an import/export term relating to the point (outgoing port or airport normally) at which responsibility for items, insurance coverage, and costs of transport, passes from vendor (exporter) to buyer (importer). The FOB expression originates from the meaning that the buyer is free of legal responsibility as much as the purpose that the goods are loaded on board the ship. In recent years FOB is used less specifically, even to the extent that other meanings are inferred from the acronym, most commonlyFreight On Board(which seems in lots of online dictionaries and acronyms listings), and I've also heard ofFixed On Board.

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TNA of some sort is usually considered essential for the planning and administration of any stage of useful coaching and development in organizational context. The potential for TNA (when mismanaged) to waste time/assets has given rise to the more cynical and considerably amusing interpretation of the TNA acronym, meaningTraining's Needless Activities. More information about TNA, and instruments for designing and operatingTNAare in thePerfomance Appraisalssection. Human Capital Management.Arguably the same as HRM (Human Resources Management), although many (especially in the HCM area) would disagree, pointing to various 'new' HCM elements linked to such terms as 'new economic system', however which strictly speaking could be lined just by a contemporary view of HRM. As with many labels, variations between HRM and HCM largely rely by yourself situation and interpretation. The time period (sometimes understandably mistaken to be CARROT) additionally extends to the assistance and workers concerned in the supply of prisoner drug abuse remedy and rehabilitation. The acronym does not signify a sequential course of, however as an alternative the weather contained inside it.


For a fuller rationalization of Terms of Reference see'settlement of specification - project administration'. Many acronyms and abbreviations when used properly can actually enhance communications, as a result of they act as 'brief-hand' and therefore enhance the effectivity of communications; in different words, more which means is conveyed in much less time and fewer phrases. The S2D2mathematical acronym interpretation may properly have first been advised by creator Tom Clancy (Ack V O'Grady and L D Gray) - if you understand more pleasecontact us. Purpose, People, Planet, Probity (or Purity or Principles).Four cornerstones of sustainable success and a maxim for modern management and organisational philosophy. (Probity means honesty, uprightness - it is from the Latin word probus, which means good). The acronym is from the second world war, when extensively utilized by the Americans forces, and incidentally later used as name by Nineteen Seventies UK rock band, SNAFU, clearly (incidentally the Seventies band was British not American as beforehand stated right here - thanks for correction M Reynolds). SNAFU Remains a widely used description by entrance-line workers of an incompetent administration insurance agents and brokers mailing list and b2b database with emails. See the wonderfulwall image showing the SNAFU and AEOBE acronyms. Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time-sure.If you're setting a regular, or an objective for yourself, or agreeing an goal with one other particular person, the task or standard should meet these standards to be efficient. Wind Assisted Flaming Idiot.This interpretation is clearly the polite model. Essentially a maritime time period, however actually transferable to anyone who blusters and blunders about, having no regard for the security of others, and no control of the forces that they search to dominate. The WAFI expression is nevertheless way more potent and significant when applied to certain leaders of governments and huge firms who embark on or preserve actions and policies which recklessly and arrogantly endanger and undermine folks's nicely-being and safety in all places.

This free acronyms and abbreviations finder is a dictionary of helpful acronyms and abbreviations for training, learning, educating, and so google search engine scraping software and email extractor tool on. This assortment is also a study in language and communications. 'Minimum of Fuss' equates to minimum effort, funding, time, sources, etc. 'Maximum of Flavour' equates to maximum return, outcome, reward or impact, etc. This is the secret of productiveness, sustainable success, and effectiveness in all fields, not just cooking, and is among the most widely uncared for simple rules of attaining anything. Keep It Simple Stupid.One of the all time great acronyms, and so true. A motto and reminder that simplicity works - in communications, design, philosophy, relationships, choice-making, conferences, administration and life generally. Apply and promote KISS to any state of affairs to deter unnecessary complication, excuses, bureaucracy, purple-tape, and to encourage sensible positive outcomes, no-nonsense communications, integrity, reality, magnificence, and honesty. This acronyms listing incorporates acronyms and abbreviations, and 'backronyms'(acronyms constructed restrospectively to suit a word), with origins within the armed forces, healthcare, IT and various other enterprise and coaching fields, together with funny lifestyle and social acronyms and abbreviations. healthcare acronyms listingHere in one section are all the healthcare acronyms featured within the dictionary above. These outrageous acronyms and abbreviations (identified in the dictionary itemizing above by the time period ODSA, which stands for Original Doctors Shorthand Acronym) are used - allegedly - in varied elements of the world by sure docs, GP's, consultants, nurses and different healthcare workers on patients' notes or in verbal references. Transfer of Undertakings for Protection of Employment.The UK's TUPE laws are employment legislation which dictate proper course of and employer's obligations concerning the transfer of employees from one employer to a different, for instance in the case of switch of workers to an outsourced (contracted out) services provider. Employers transferring out and transferring in workers ought to guarantee they understand these legal guidelines, particularly before concluding negotiations in regards to the sale, purchase or switch of business pursuits. The British equivalent of SONAR, was ASDICS, which stood for Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee. Situation Normal - All Fouled Up.Obviously that is the more polite model, included right here because of its historic curiosity.

  • The potential for TNA (when mismanaged) to waste time/sources has given rise to the more cynical and somewhat amusing interpretation of the TNA acronym, meaningTraining's Needless Activities.
  • Increasingly, and in many ways ideally, a lot of the TNA course of can be managed using on-line/intranet methods.
  • TNA of some kind is generally considered important for the planning and administration of any degree of helpful coaching and growth in organizational context.
  • Training Needs Analysis.The TNA term is mostly given to the method of identifying and planning personal/skills improvement for a person, group, or entire workforce.
  • This could be the accountability of a supervisor, group leader, senior manager, executive, or more often these days an HR or training department.

Variations on the KISS theme includeKeep It Short and Sweet,Keep It Simple Sunshine,Keep It Simple and Straightforward,Keep It Simple Sister,Keep It Simple Sweetheart, and so forth. For a free KISS colour poster see thefree businessballs posterspage. Now this one appears like it's going to be packed stuffed with swear phrases, however surprisingly it's not. A motto for self-reliance and taking private duty. The quest for empowered people in organisations cuts both ways - the organisation wants to give folks more freedom, and other people need to take responsibility for locating their very own solutions and solutions. How lengthy the HCM expression lasts, and the notion that it is extremely totally different really from trendy Human Resources Management, remains to be seen. As ever, it is not the label, however the exact definition and practice that counts. That stated, if anyone would like to suggest any facet of HCM that is not possible under HRM, pleasefeel free, and I'll gladly publish the feedback, or higher nonetheless put together some type of matrix by which the two phrases can usefully be compared. The WAFI leader is a tragic phenomenon of the modern age that will come to an end when ordinary people use their collective power to vary things. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.In recent years this has turn into a well-liked and visual representation of focused educational priorities and citizen capabilities, among many teams and authorities with varying agendas within the US, UK and elsewhere within the English-speaking world.

We are all here on this Earth solely once (depening in your non secular outlook) - whatever, life is too brief to waste it doing a job that you hate. And in case you are managing individuals who really feel S2D2about their jobs then for goodness sake do someting about it. A free SSDD color poster is out there from thefree businessballs posterspage for anyone suffering in a S2D2organisation and wishing to offer a bit of free feedback to the hierarchy. And in case you are a CEO and see a number of SSDD posters showing around the place then perhaps ask yourself why. It's not the people who are dangerous - it is the organisation, and that's right down to you mate. The use of the word 'souls' originated within the maritime industry, the place 'Save Our Souls' - derived from the morse code misery signalSOS- is an earlier long-standing time period, originating around 1905. If your work actually makes you are feeling this fashion then perhaps it is time to counsel a couple of changes or move on. Visual Book Enhancement.Visual Book Enhancement is video-based mostly content to assist or illustrate text-based mostly materials, for example a DVD with a e-book, or conceivably a video file within an online text-based tutorial. A simple highly effective idea that (as on the early 2000s) we have not begun to see exploited broadly but, however absolutely will. This neat acronym cleverly conveys its which means in the word since a VIBE provides sensory info to text. Older readers will recall that the word vibe was Nineteen Sixties slang for ambiance or feeling, derived from the word vibration. In the same spirit (please forgive thepun), HALO is interpreted slightly cruelly by some to meanHelp A Loser Out, in which the motive is first rate if the angle is considerably patronizing or cynical. This is not to be confused with the time period'Halo Effect', which is not necessarily an indicator of goodness (see alsoBIRGing). Obvious examples of HAHO misadventures are army interventions in far away territories, authorities interference in native services (education, health, policing, and so on), and company takeovers motivated for the enrichment of the predators. Cynics would say that HCM is not so much a different field, it's more a unique way to sell extra services, books, coaching, and the like. The HCM time period has arisen in recent times, as new buzzwords and abbreviations are likely pharmaceutical industry email list and b2b database with sales leads to, when sufficient people embrace the concept a new strategy is warranted or opportune, during which case a new brand or packaging usually happens. Aside from the transport usage, FOB is a slang and derogatory expressionFresh Off the Boat, (thanks Clint S) referring, usually insultingly, to a newly arrived person or group missing in native experience/information, which alludes strongly to the notion of immigrants coming by sea into a new nation. Criminal Protection Society.Sarcastic different which means to the officialCrown Prosecution Service, the government body responsible for bringing felony prosecutions on behalf of the state, (thanks J Heeley). CPS stands for many extra relatively unexciting terms, notably in businessCost Per Sale, and in computingCycles/Characters Per Second. Counselling, Advice, Referral, Assessment and Throughcare.Acronym used in HM Prison Service (of the UK) referring to jail drug providers and the programmes therein.

TQM and Six Sigma deal withabsolutesituations, where efficiency and high quality is viewed in isolation. MOFMOF and Pareto Analysis are helpful inrelativesituations, the place efficiency and quality wouldn't have to be perfected in every single absolute respect, quite optimised to produce the best outcome or effect, relative to the investment. 'Purpose' is an apt replacement for 'Profit' and thus makes the acronym appropriate for use in not-for-profit organisations. Profit-focused corporations can in fact substitute 'Profit' for 'Purpose'. More detailed clarification of theP4 model of recent management. Minimum Of Fuss, Maximum Of Flavour.The MOFMOF principle and acronym are advocated by, and should be attributed to, Italian chef Antonio Carluccio. The MOFMOF maxim is nonetheless extraordinarily transferable to work, management, business, and to life typically, since it basically emphasises the idea of focusing your effort on what matters most. Training Needs Analysis.The TNA time period is most commonly given to the process of figuring out and planning private/skills growth for an individual, group, or entire workforce. This could be the responsibility of a supervisor, group leader, senior supervisor, government, or more normally nowadays an HR or training department. Increasingly, and in many ways ideally, much of the TNA course of could be managed utilizing online/intranet systems. The process really comprises a number of and sometimes very many other part processes and reviews (connecting to methods such asPerformance Appraisals,SWOT evaluation, PEST evaluation, and so on). It was/is used (apparently originally by Hoskyns, who later became Cap Gemini) as a reminder of the headings for a terms of reference document. You will notice there isn't any specific heading for costs/budgets/financial controls, so care must be taken to incorporate this stuff, logically inside Constraints and/or Estimates. STEM 'fields' are seen to enhance national competitiveness within the world economy, in addition to enabling better national progress, innovation, effectivity and self-sufficiency. Such disciplines encompass and enable extremely vital sectors of work, abilities, and services, for example manufacturing, and improvement in science and technology, extending to innovations of all kinds, and computing and communications in all guises. The STEM acronym is subsequently interesting not solely as an academic time period, but additionally as a revealing perspective on very broad international socio-economic concept. Shortness Of Breath/Souls On Board.The nursing/healthcare acronym SOB, meaningShortness Of Breath, is a generally used medical abbreviation when writing affected person histories. Quite individually SOB represents the worldwide standard maritime and aeronautical termSouls On Board, which within the context of security/accountability/emergencies, has for many years been the official terminology for the whole variety of individuals, including all passengers and crew, on board the vessel. Managers after all must assist the process of reaching all this (seedelegationand Tannenbaum & Schmidt). GAAFOFY can be a brilliant acronym for daft questions received in a coaching, educating and coaching context. It's a reminder that all of us need to seek our own answers rather than rely on 'acquired wisdom' or another person's resolution which may well be overdue for improvement. For a free GAAFOFY colour poster see thefree businessballs posterspage. The wonderfulPareto Principle(eighty/20 Rule) provides a helpful scientific perspective to support the MOFMOF analogy, during which 'eighty' equates to the reward and '20' equates to the hassle. Thus, the purpose is to not obtain absolute perfection (which is invariably a subjective judgement anyway), however as a substitute to seek the most effective ratio between enter and output - finest output relative to enter. See additionally the acronymsMILEand PAY, which convey similar ideas. The MOFMOF precept is to not be confused with or considered undermining Total Quality methodologies such asSix Sigmaand TQM(Total Quality Management) which concern close to-to one hundred% high quality and reliability needed in critical processes such as manufacturing and different actions with essential security and reliability implications. If it suits your context/viewers to distinguish between conventional HRM and more open and progressive methods (HCM) for managing folks within an organization, then using the HCM title may bertter emphasise the distinction or change you're aiming to realize. If are learning fashionable HR practices and strategies then again you will tend to search out such ideas being presented underneath the HCM heading. The use of a brand new title doesn't automatically ensure a profitable initiative or implementation. What these things are called isn't the issue - it is what really goes on that issues.

These distortions mirror the truth that the FOB principle isn't readily recognised or understood as theFree On Boardoriginal (and quite old) that means. When language does not make obvious sense individuals are apt to change it. If you utilize or hear the time period used in a delivery context it's wise to clarify exact meaning.More rationalization about FOB in the monetary phrases section.